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have you ever felt like you knew exactly who was supposed to be apart of your life? i’m talking about the part of life that’s filled with lovey, gushy sort of things. the kind that should be happening right now because, hello, it’s spring time (love is {or should be} in the air). anyways - i feel that way. i have // have had this feeling for some time now. kinda sorta like it won’t go away. kinda sorta like it should happen. and maybe i’m just a complete psychopath but you’d think that after time something or someone would just go away and those feelings would carry out. but they haven’t. and they keep coming back. even if i try to forget them and then i do and then what helped me forget them fails and everything else comes full circle. even without me trying. it just happens. so i feel like this thing should be and i hope it will be. because quite frankly it’s everything i could ever want. like everything. people have even told me. if i could write down on a piece of paper everything i want in a person, it’s there. so yea, i know this should be. so can’t we just knock over everything that’s in our way and just be real? let’s be fucking real with our feelings! i can’t be the only one feeling this.


High School Fashion, 1969. [x]

“The latest rule in girls’ high school fashion,” LIFE magazine proclaimed in 1969, “is that there isn’t any.”

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2009 was 5 years ago wtf 

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Untitled #839 by roxy-camarena featuring a blue dress


Untitled #839 by roxy-camarena featuring a blue dress

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